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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Juliiet's balcony - The Complete Wrks of Wllm Shakpr AbridgedAnd again, the show drew rave reviews (from all but the most comically challenged), huge audience glee, and was way too much fun for all involved. New comic bits were added; Matt Henerson replaced David Berkson (thus forever after known as ‘the new guy’); and women again swooned over Darren Bridgett in a dress vomiting all over the front row of play-goers.

We started to field requests to bring the show to various venues – Branson School (where the kids got a few too many of the ribald jokes), a convention of hardwood sellers (who didn’t quite get it at all), and more.


Romeo Abridged



Things started appearing like s’mores, a catapult, and a monkey at a typewriter (played by Nate Currier.) New jokes, new gags, new props and costumes…new laughs from all.

Too much fun!



Marin Shakespeare Company

Marin Shakespeare Company
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