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The Winter's Tale

“Spousal team directors, Lesley and Robert Currier draw in all elements in Marin Shakespeare’s production of this popularly performed piece. My favorite part of the set design was an antique toy wagon, which was painted white. It carried great significance towards the end of the play….Cavanna both opens and closes the play with a long hornpipe echoing the passage of time. Cavanna moves wonderfully to the choreography of Cynthia Pepper, aptly enhancing the production….






Untalan does not play on his character’s rage. Instead, we see a slow progression of his downward spiral. He uses the imagery humorously, allowing the comedy to flow in. I appreciate Untalan’s reaching out to the audience to draw us in to Leontes’ abyss…









Robinson and Marcom carry a great chemistry on stage, reminding us of the excitement of teenage romance….Gabriel Cowger, the youngest of the cast, gives a very impressive performance as Mamillus, Polixenes and Hermoine’s son. The sixth grader seems to be at ease with Shakespeare as well conveying virtual feelings…. The Curriers created an original, yet profound ending to ‘The Winter’s Tale.’”

– Maria Vrobel, Listen and Be Heard

“…the entire cast does justice to Shakespeare’s lines …. Rafael Untalan as Leontes progresses from hail-fellow- fast friend of Polixenes to raging jealousy is a study in character development. Coopwood’s Polixenes defines the word regal. Michael Ray Wisely as Camillo calmly and elegantly underplays the role to perfection. Jerry Hoffman switches from the subservient role of Antigonus to become the scene ‘stealer’ as Autolycus the cozener. George Maguire challenges Hoffman as “best in show” from his entrance baaing like a sheep. However, he has help from Drew Hirshfield as they feed off each other as father and son. Mark Robinson and Kate Fox Marcom exude charisma and are completely believable as the lovers.”

– Kedar K. Ardour, TheatreWorld Internet Magazine

“It is deplorable that ‘The Winter's Tale’ is so seldom revived. For this dramatic romance affords delightful and comprehensive entertainment….The spirited choreography is by Cynthia Pepper. Billie Cox composed some interesting original music.

set from The Winter's Tale, set design by Bruce Lackovic

Bruce Lackovic designed some good contrasting sets for Sicilia and Bohemia. I was particularly impressed by Abra Berman's magnificent costumes—all characters wore white in Sicilia and very bright colors in Bohemia….Leslie [sic] and Robert Currier deserve a great deal of credit for bringing this complex and wonderful production to the Marin Shakespeare Festival.”
– Flora Lynn Isaacson

Set of Bohemia from The Winter's Tale









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