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the Witches


What the Critics Said:

"Shakespeare's story of psychotic Scots is action-packed as ever...Macbeth isn't only Shakespearean literature, it's also the 15th century equivalent of an action thriller; director Robert Currier pushes the mayhem to the max. Pamela Johnson's street punks-meet-The Matrix costumes create a timeless air; Bruce Lackovic's dark set is absolutely foreboding. Standouts include Michael Wiles as Banquo, John Ficarra as Macduff, Mike Reynolds as Angus and Robert Garcia as Fleance. The real stars are the versatile Scott Coopwood as Macbeth and the stunning Marcia Pizzo as Lady Macbeth. The two professionals - both are members of Actor's Equity - bring a passionate intensity to their shared madness. A more malevolent or more attractive pair of conspirators has rarely graced the stage...MSC's Macbeth is a show well worth seeing - perhaps repeatedly."

-Barry Willis, Pacific Sun


combat "There is a feeling of hyperactivity about the show, beginning with the furious opening battle scene...Scott Coopwood (Macbeth) is a whirlwind of nonstop activity...As Lady Macbeth, Marcia Pizzo is sleek and sexy...In a capable ensemble, two actors playing minor roles, Reed Harvey (multiple characters) and Nancy Kelly (a Gentlewoman), stand out for their assured stage manner and exemplary vocal projection."

-Charles Brousse, Marin I.J.




"While Scott Coopwood and Marcia Pizzo present an evil enough duo of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, they have a very human side, which draws the audience's sympathy as well as the horror. While both are eager for power they are not unaffected by the evil means they use to acquire it. Both suffer greatly from guilt in their individual way."

-David Kashimba, Bay Area Critics Circle

"Director Robert Currier prods the action to a furious pace from the eerie appearance of the witches in the opening scene, through clanging swordplay to the murderous climax... The amphitheatre, surrounded by woods, is an especially fitting place for this dark play. The setting should be particularly appealing in the moonlight of these next two weekends. And the outdoors makes the movement of Birnam Woods - real tree branches - toward Dunsinane castle in the darkness seem not only real, but freak-out spooky."

-Jack Tucker, Contra Costa Times


"Their amphitheater setting and lengthening nights provide a perfect backdrop for the murky castle, the heath, even for Birnan Wood...Exuberant fight scenes, directed by John Ficarra, are beautifully staged, as is the domestic squabble between the Macbeths."

-Rosine Reynolds, Tiburon Ark

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