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A Midsummer Night's Dream - Marin Shakespeare 1994
Directed by Robert S. Currier

Midsummer Night's Dream 1994

Producer’s Perspective:

For our fifth season, we finally gave in to the joy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. (We were quite proud that we waited five whole years before selecting what could be considered the pick of the crop of the Shakespeare plays.) We threw ourselves into the fun of it with our usual abandon!

Having worked with Jeff Raz on The Comedy of Errors, we had it in our heads that he would be the perfect Bottom. When we called Jeff, he said he’d love to play the role, but we had to meet his clown partner who, he said, was born to play Puck. Many, many actors over the years had told us that they were born to play Puck, so we went to the meeting with a large dollop of skepticism. Imagine our delight when we were introduced to the incredible Diane Wasnak, a tiny, muscular clowning genius who performed inhuman feats of athleticism and created impishly comical characters. Not only was Diane Wasnak born to play Puck, we think she may in fact be the spirit of Puck reincarnated.


Cast of Characters

Francis Flute
Changeling Boy 
Titania's fairies 

Titania's Fairy Band

Oberon's Gang

Palace Guards

Peter James Myers
Mary Knoll
John Brebner
'vid Buttaro
Vanessa Parise
Robert Weinapple
Jamie Comer
Brian Linden
Jamie Adkins+
Jeff Raz*+
Dan Wolf
Len Pettigrew
Aidan O'Shea+
Diane Wasnak+
Peter James Meyers
Mary Knoll
Jackson Cole Currier

Simone Davalos
Serenity Smith Forchion+
Aloysia Gavre-Wareham+
Nicole Garcia

Gillian Beck, Gwendolyn Bond-Upson,
Judith Brand, Kimberly Gomoll,
Amelie Kindler, Laura Pedersen-Schulz
Jamie Adkins+, Adam Coulton,
Sasha Garthwaite, Aidan O'Shea+, Bryan Steele

Adam Coulton, Sasha Garthwaite, Bryan Steele

Production Staff

Artistic Director - Robert Currier
Managing Director - Lesley Schisgall Currier
Choreographer - Gael Thompson
Costume Design - Kim Curtis
Props Design - Donyale Werle
Set & Light Design - Jim McKie
Original Musical Score - Bruce Gehrke & Dana Mandell
Stage Manager - Lee Philipson

Fight Director - Richard Lane
Vocal Coach - Robert Parsons
Poster Design - Curtis Design

*Member of Actor's Equity Association
+New Pickle Circus member


Marin Shakespeare Company

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